3 Simple Rules for Beautiful, Healthy & Radiant Skin

Healthy skin is the #1 sign of a healthy lifestyle for women.  If you find yourself investing a lot of time and money in expensive skin treatments and products yet still struggle to achieve a good complexion, it’s almost always because your lifestyle habits need a change.

A we age it becomes even more important to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits on a daily basis if you want to reap the advantages of good looking skin.  Healthy skin is the result of a nutritional eating plan, good hygiene, balanced hormones and a healthy lifestyle.  If you've neglected one or more of these things you can’t expect to achieve a glowing complexion overnight.  Today I will discuss three relatively simple yet worthwhile steps to getting and keeping your skin looking radiant. 

1)    I am a sun worshipper so this first rule is a hard pill for me to swallow, but even I can’t deny the staggering statistics when it comes to skin damage and the sun.  Studies upon studies have proven that continuous exposure to sunlight will lead to wrinkles, premature aging and even cancer in women.  Technically speaking you should try to avoid direct sunlight from 10am-4pm, but this doesn’t mean you have to hide in a cave all day.  Investing in a good pair of designer sunglasses is the first place to start.  Why designer, you ask?  Firstly, designer shades will provide you with the maximum UV protection you can get.  Second, you will be less likely to lose or mistreat them because of how much you spent on them.  And finally, if you’re forfeiting that gorgeous sun-kissed glow you might as well have a fabulous pair of sunglasses to make up for it! 

2)  The second rule is another one I struggled with for many years, but we all know smoking is right up there with the sun when it comes to murdering your chances for long-term healthy-looking skin. Nicotine decreases the flow of blood and that smoke you’re ingesting sucks out nutrients and decreases the circulation of oxygen to your skin. We’ve all seen women with what I like to affectionately refer to as “cat-bum” mouth. Need I say more?

3)  My third and final rule for today’s blog is to start eating right.  You are what you eat, so if all you eat is garbage that’s what your skin will reflect.  It’s amazing what a few simple improvements to your diet will do for your complexion.  Reduce your alcohol consumption, incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your meals and for goodness sake…drink more water (not juice, soda pop or Gatorade) MORE WATER!

These steps to achieving a healthy glow are not rocket science and I would even venture to say you’ve probably heard them all before, but there’s a reason you read about them in every beauty and health article or magazine you read….it’s because they work for women!
How much would you pay for a magic pill that gave you great looking skin?  Now take that money and go buy yourself a fabulous pair of designer shades…
WOW!  don’t you look gorgeous:)

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