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How Google Works for Better Page Ranking.  I probably don''t need  tell you this, but Google drives a HUGE amount of search traffic over the Internet.

What this means for your local or online business is that if you understand how Google ranks your website, then you can build one that stands a much better chance of ranking on the first page for specific "keyword" search terms that you want to target.

Let me give you an example:
I run several websites for women looking for information on how to lose weight.  The keywords I focus on when publishing articles directing traffic to my websites would consist of words and phrases such as:
"how to lose weight", "weight loss for women" or "weight loss diets for women", and so get the point.

In this post I'm providing you with some  "no-nonsense" tips on how Google works so you can quickly learn how to rank highly in Google and get more visitors to your website. It took me quite a bit of time to figure this out, but I figure the faster you can succeed at online marketing the better I do at driving my business too!

Better Google ranking leads to more online visibility, higher traffic generation and eventually more income for you!  That is of course if your purpose is to encourage and/or direct customers to buy based on the information provided through your website.  

Now let me make something clear, I'm not talking about Search Engine Optimization here, or SEO as it's commonly referred to, that's a whole other can of worms....this post is simply an introduction to give you a clearer explanation on how Google works from an online marketing perspective.  

Stay tuned for future posts on how to optimize SEO :)

Google has a comprehensive and highly developed technology with a wide-range of search tools that enable users to easily search and access a variety of information online. Google users can browse the web and find information in various languages, find stock quotes and read press releases and news articles, search for  friends from their past.  There are over 3 billion web pages on the internet that you can access at any given time using the Google search engine.

Google boasts about having world's largest archive of information, dating all the way back to 1981 and Google's technology can be accessed from just about any conventional desktop PC as well as from various wireless platforms such as iPads, handheld devices and other various Internet accessible technology. 

The Internet search technology offered through Google is still the technology of choice of the world's leading web portals and websites. It also benefits advertisers because of its unique advertising program that does not disadvantage the Internet users web surfing experience, but still brings in massive revenues to the advertisers who are utilizing it effectively.   

Google's Web Search
So here's how Google ranking works...when you search for a particular keyword or a phrase, a search engine will return a list of web pages in order of the number of times the keyword or phrase appears on that particular website. Google web search technology involves the use of its specially designed Page Rank Technology and a hypertext-matching analysis which makes several  html calculations without any human intervention. Google's structural design also expands simultaneously as the internet expands.  No wonder their stock price is over $600 per share!!

Google Page Rank Technology

Page Rank technology involves the use of an equation which comprises millions of variables and then determines a measurement based on the significance of the web pages which is then calculated by solving an equation of  over 500 million variables and more than 3 billion terms. Confused yet?  Well don't get overwhelmed.  Unlike some other search engines, Google does not calculate links but utilizes an extensive link structure on the web as sitemap tool. When a link to a web page, lets say web page "x" is clicked from web page "y", then that click gets attributed as a "vote" towards web page "x" on behalf of web page "y".   Essentially this means the more one-way links you have from other web pages directed back to your web page is a good thing for your website ranking with Google.

Notice that I've embedded 3 keywords/phrases hyperlinks in this article?  If you click on them they will direct visitors to a new website I'm developing (  If you click them at the time of this post, all you'll see is a bunch of links (no real content because it's still under construction), but I've hyper-linked them for this post not for the readers benefit, but so I can start to rank my site with the Google who have their "spiders" out there looking to find web pages with one-way links for specific keywords.

One final thing I want to note is that Google's technology does not involve human intervention in any way shape or form. It uses the inherent intelligence of the Internet and the technology resources build through it's web design is what determines the ranking and importance of any web page.

This article was a quick and dirt overview to give you a sense of how Google works, but stay tuned for future posts where I will discuss Google Sitemap indexing and what you need to do to ensure your website remains in the top rankings once you get there.

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